What Can We Learn From the Ancient Egyptians About Joy and Inner Peace?

Free Webinar with RA the Coach and Judi Bechard

What Can We Learn From the Ancient Egyptians About Joy and Inner Peace?

In this webinar we introduce powerful healing tools that allow you to create more joy and inner peace in your life. 

We Are Going For Bliss!

The Ancient Egyptians knew how joy and inner peace points to reaching a state of bliss as an attainable goal in this lifetime.  We will draw from this rich spiritual history and share this information with you, so you can experience this in your own life. 

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Wednesday, October 4th

12:00 to 1:00 pm Pacific

3:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern

9:00 - 10:00 pm Paris and Cairo

Check for your local timezone here

We know life is busy!  If you can't make the live webinar, register now and we will send you the replay later, so you don't miss out!

This Webinar will provide you with:

This Webinar will provide you with:  

  • Tools to liberate yourself from the daily grind
  • Tools to get beyond the ups and downs of life
  • Tools to achieve more bliss

We look forward to sharing this time and these tools with you. 

Your Webinar Hosts

RA the Coach

 internationally recognized intuitive life coach and independent Egyptologist, Ragheb Abushahba, aff

Internationally recognized intuitive life coach, Siddha Yogi, and independent Egyptologist, Ragheb Abushahba; affectionately known as RA the Coach.  RA will  connect you with the wisdom of Ancient Egypt, Cosmology, and Self-Knowledge.

Judi Bechard

Judi Bechard is a highly trained and experienced Energy Healer and teacher, with Master Accreditations.  An outstanding third generation healer and intuitive, Judi works with clients in 10 countries and counting. She guides her clients to and through the inner realms with grace and ease.

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